20/09 2021

Peace Day in IEDG

Peace Day is a day of meaningful annual activity for students at The Western Australia International School System (WASS) and Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool) to spread a positive message about spirituality to build a peaceful life on our Earth.

With the theme “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”, this year’s Peace Day occurred during social distancing because of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, the purpose of this activity was to spread the positive spirit and encourage the “white blouse soldiers” through painting and art activities to bring joyful energy, and above all, donate to a charity fund for people in difficult circumstances that are affected by the epidemic.

After only 4 days of launching this contest, we received a lot of submissions from more than 300 students and raised up to 35 million VND in charity activities. It is a positive signal in spreading humanistic messages to the young generation in helping each other in our society.

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