07/04 2023

PD Training for Teachers of WASS and PennSchool

Fostering and improving the quality of the teaching staff is one of the key tasks and solutions that RT Holdings has always emphasized promoting in order to meet the requirements of educational innovation and the demands of industrialization and modernization in the period of international integration. RT Holdings held two skill training classes for teachers at WASS and PennSchool in March and April 2023, with the themes ” Love Discipline” and “AI & ChatGPT – Boom and Profit Benefits of Educational Technology in the 4.0 Era.”

Most people think of punishment when discussing “discipline” in the context of educating children, and it can be difficult for parents and teachers to completely comprehend the short and long-term harm done to children when they are punished. Thus, the “Love Discipline” class, chaired by Ms. Tran Thi Le Hang – Founder & CEO of Discipline of Love and former founding principal of the Canadian – Vietnam Kindergarten, has given the teachers of WASS and PennSchool the skills and knowledge useful to construct the definition of “discipline” as well as guidance and support from adults to help children build positive behavior, habits, and personalities.

Moreover, RT Holdings offers the theme class “AI & ChatGPT – The Growth and Benefits of Educational Technology in the 4.0 Era” with the aim of expanding possibilities for instructors to learn and have a thorough understanding of current technological trends. Associate Professor Ph.D Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Director of Huflit Tari Training and Applied Research Institute, led the session, which gave teachers fresh viewpoints and an opportunity for all RT Holdings employees to learn about a cutting-edge technology that is very useful.

The lesson provides a new perspective on AI in the current context, sharing information about the birth situation of ChatGPT, its strengths, weaknesses, potentials, influence, and applications as well as future challenges and job opportunities related to AI. Furthermore, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu also introduced AI tools to help with teaching and demonstrated some computer linguistics algorithms used by Chat GPT.

Group members participated in thematic classes with a learning mindset and an eager exchange with the host. This demonstrates the spirit of “Flexibility and Innovation” in RT Holdings’ training and teaching work. The group hopes that its efforts to foster skills and knowledge for teachers will help improve their teaching quality and teacher morale at all facilities.


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