20/04 2022

Open Day event: “Talent day, creative incubation”, Talent Development Academy TDA

Talent Development Academy TDA held an exciting event, Open Day: “Talent day, creative incubation” on the morning of April 16, 2022, with strong participation of parents and students.

The Open Day event, which was part of TDA’s Summer Camp 2022 program, offered students and parents a memorable weekend full of various and engaging activities. The kids were able to engage in practical lessons as well as a variety of exciting games, all leading to vast potential in preparation for future talent development.

Students aged 6 to 17 were able to take part in three subjects: Digital Tech, Arts and Computer Science, and Coding, as well as a diverse set of practical learning activities, allowing them to identify their interests in a variety of gifted fields and begin the journey of nurturing and developing talents.

In addition, the children were able to join in with unique games such as VEX racing, statue painting, sand painting and more, along with being presented with gifts from TDA. Parents and students also had the opportunity to tour the campus and modern facilities. They were particularly pleased with the exhibition of VR 360 glasses and VEX Robotics, and art products (ceramics, handcrafted) that talented students had won awards for.

TDA’s admissions staff also spoke with parents during the event, answering questions and sharing information about fostering and developing their children’s talents.

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