02/03 2023

K12 February News

In February, students at WASS and PennSchool participated in many activities filled with interesting and useful experiences. WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles had great opportunities to learn more about themselves with the School Psychological Counseling program as well as express their talents at the Festival of Talents.

School Psychological Counseling Program – The prerequisites for balanced development

Adolescence marks obvious changes in physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of students. Therefore, they need to be fully equipped with the appropriate knowledge and psychological orientation to better understand their own self-values and learn the way to balance their emotions.

Due to this importance, the School Psychological Counseling is a highly prioritized program at WASS and PennSchool, creating the best conditions for students to share and listen to useful advice from psychologists. As a result, students can easily grasp and clearly understand their changes, so that they can effectively control themselves and respect others’ feelings.

On February 20th and 22nd, WASS and PennSchool organized the Psychological Counseling Session for Year 4 – 12 students with a special guest speaker, Dr. To Nhi A. In the workshops, WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles boldly asked sensitive questions to receive sincere advice for their common worries and concerns such as changes in puberty, school violence, how to communicate with parents, school-aged love or the effective ways to deal with different types of emotion.

Hopefully, this workshop brought necessary knowledge about psychology for students, contributing to their balanced development. Thereby, their school age can be passed in love and memorable moments.

Festival of Talents – Let Your Talent Shine

On the last days in February, #HomeOfTheEagles had a chance to express their giftedness and talent at the Sports – Arts – Music Festival of Talents. The competition aims to bring the most practical experiences to help students develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. More specifically, it is a foundation for PennSchool students to shape their characteristics and dignity through activities in the festival.

The festival attracted talents from 4 Houses at PennSchool to participate in football, basketball, chess, music, and visual art competitions. The individuals’ achievements directly contributed to earning points for their House which created many attractive, dramatic, and exciting competitions.

Festival of Talents is a great opportunity for #HomeOfTheEagles to form and improve their essential skills. Through activities, students learn the corporation, teamwork, organization, discipline, and self-sacrifice for the common goals. Moreover, the contests promote healthy competitions among members which contributes to building a strong, cohesive, and cooperative PennSchool community for mutual development.

The greatest value that the Festival of Talents brings is not the cups or medals, it is the valuable lessons about teamwork, responsibility, humility, and memorable moments with friends at PennSchool. Hopefully #HomeOfTheEagles will always keep those memories in their growth journey.


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