05/03 2022

ISA organized “Vocational nursing program in Germany” events at Hong Duc Medical School and Tay Ninh Medical College

On February 25 and March 3, 2022, ISA organized two events for its “Vocational Nursing Program in Germany” program, one at Hong Duc Medical School (Ho Chi Minh City), and the other at Tay Ninh Medical College (Tay Ninh Province) to consult with nursing students and showcase the opportunity to explore this exciting program. 

The events welcomed the presence of Mr. Pham Duc Trong – Director of Penn Academy, as well as ISA consultants specializing in the field of vocational training programs in Germany. Along with that was the participation of the numerous nursing students of Hong Duc Medical School and Tay Ninh Medical College.

During the events, students learnt about Germany, its culture, and its traditions, as well as the numerous reasons why it is an attractive destination for vocational training and settlement. Nursing is particularly attractive, as Germany is one of the highest paying countries for nurses. Many of the graduates were highly interested in learning more information about the vocational nursing program in 2022 – 2023.

The “Vocational Nursing Program in Germany” – one of ISA’s long-standing vocational studying abroad programs, was created with the goal of providing the German and indeed European market with highly skilled and well-experienced nursing staff capable of meeting the demand for healthcare, naturally one of the global community’s top concerns in recent years.

Germany, which is known for its world-leading medical quality, provides nurses with attractive salaries due to a labor shortage in the industry. As a result, ISA’s German vocational training program also provides Vietnamese students an opportunity to boost their income, as well as the chance to work long-term and settle in one of Europe’s leading nations. 

Finally, the events helped strengthen the potential relationship between Indochina Education & Development Group and ISA, with Hong Duc Medical School and Tay Ninh Medical College. The events also opened the door for nursing students wishing to study, work, and settle in Germany in 2022 and 2023, one of the world’s most liveable countries. 

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