28/02 2022

IEDG officially establishes Talent Development Academy (TDA) for children and teenagers

In December 2021, Talents Development Academy (TDA) under the Indochina International Education Development Group (IEDG) was officially licensed to operate in Vietnam.

TDA is one of the first talent development institutes in Vietnam to reach international standards and put into operation the educational philosophy of “Companionship, Freedom, and Creativity”. When studying at TDA, youngsters will have the opportunity to hone and develop their talents and individual strengths with the guidance of more than 50 leading experts in various fields from the world’s leading talent training institutes.

In addition to outstanding assets such as a team of talented and dedicated lecturers, modern equipment, and facilities, the curriculum at TDA is continuously researched by leading education experts, and constantly updated according to new trends around the world. And on top of all that, lesson plans are tailored to suit each specific age.

TDA currently offers four different types of programs: STEAM, Skills, College Prep, and Summer Camp. While TDA’s programs will provide a variety of courses, they will all use the same teaching method, which is based on the learning-through-experience paradigm, to help Vietnamese children and young adults discover, develop, and polish important abilities and distinctive talents.

In particular, by applying a personalized approach to the learning path, TDA assures the suitability and effectiveness in developing individual talents and promoting the strengths of each student.

With STEAM courses, TDA applies an educational approach that integrates 5 key subjects including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics into the program.

Furthermore, this innovative project is also set to open skills development training courses, designed to create a solid foundation for pupils on the course to confidently express their own talents with subjects such as critical thinking, ballet, chef, dance, musical, singing, and more.

To meet the needs of students who aspire to go to prestigious universities both in Vietnam and around the globe, TDA provides the ideal course to prepare students for higher education – College Prep. This course will provide a solid foundation, boosting your confidence when planning your own study abroad route, or preparing for your academic career.

Finally, in the summer of 2022, TDA will introduce Summer Camp, a training program designed exclusively for those summer months. Summer Camp’s program, which lasts 6 weeks, offers students packed with fun and learning, along with the opportunity to optimize their practical abilities, critical thinking, and applicable knowledge.

Teachers, parents, and learners can follow TDA’s latest updates through this website address: https://tdacademy.edu.vn/en/home/

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