18/11 2021

IEDG and new strategies in educational activities

At the IEDG Strategy Day on November 19th, IEDG officially announced a revolutionary transformation in its business model called EaaS, providing all education products as a service (Education-as-a-Service) to meet the diverse needs of learners.

This announcement is part of IEDG’s ongoing transformation towards the future – a new era when learners need to be equipped with the essential skills, at the right time, to adapt to unprecedented change in learning, business, life, and many other fields.

Specifically, IEDG will gradually offer the Learning Support Services and Skills Development Programs in its Education Ecosystem, including Education Digital Content Production Center, Technical Training Center Skills, Science and Technology Research and Development Center, Online Training Programs, Blended-Learning Programs, Vocational Skills Training Programs. These programs will create the foundation for sustainable development and provide a closed education system that comprehensively supports learners in each learning stage and the ever-changing context of the digital era.

In addition, IEDG continues to invest in the K-12 and post-secondary fields to diversify curricula and training professions to give learners more choices in their learning orientation. Accordingly, IEDG will develop two more school systems at three new campuses within the next three years, bringing the total number of students expected to 10,000 by 2025. In post-secondary education, the Vietnamese – American Polytechnic School will be upgraded to a College and then developed into a multidisciplinary university by 2026.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Tien, Human Resources Director cum Head of Admissions and Student Affairs Department, shared that: “To be able to deploy the business model in the new period, IEDG has developed targeted strategies. In particular, the Digital Transformation strategy in governance is put at the forefront of urgency and priority for implementation right in the late 2021 and first half of 2022, aiming to change a series of management processes and application of information technology including Human Resources, Accounting, Customer Care, School Operations. For the human resources strategy, IEDG determines that the human factor is the foundation for all activities and the success of the business success. Therefore, IEDG will carry out the restructuring of personnel and organize the apparatus in a streamlined and effective manner.

At the same time, the System will also develop a series of welfare and training policies to develop employees’ capabilities and go further in their careers. In terms of corporate culture, core values such as a culture of care and direction will become the embodiment of the IEDG culture – where all employees feel respected, valued, and motivated and have efforts to bring about significant contributions towards the accomplishment of the overall mission of the organization.”

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