01/07 2022

IABM organizes a series of thematic experiential classes under the Professional Director Training program for managers

It can be affirmed that the year 2022 has marked a spectacular “makeover” of IABM after more than 19 years of development. Not only has the brand identity been changed, but new goals have also been set for its repositioning journey.

Accordingly, IABM aims to be an institution that makes elite managers and builds a pioneering, creative, innovative, and fearless community of entrepreneurs to face all the challenges of our time. Thereby, that same team may become talented captains who steer their businesses and organizations towards greater lengths on their momentous journey to international integration, and for the development of their nation.

One of the first steps for IABM to realize this goal is to launch a series of thematic experiential classes under the Director Training program. Specifically, in the weeks of the second quarter of this year, IABM held experiential classes in many fields such as Finance, Banking, Marketing, Health, Education, etc.

Anchoring these experiential classes are leading experts who are also teaching Director Training courses at IABM. With unmatched practicality and many interesting topics, the sessions witnessed the attendance of about 20 to 30 students from many industries. Most of the students are holding important positions in their enterprises and organizations, such as Managers, Heads of Departments, Deputy Heads of Departments, Team Leaders, etc.

From their collective experiences after each class, the students all agreed that they unlocked a new perspective on global business administration, corporate governance, and human resource. Some also wished to delve deeper through formal courses at IABM.

It is firmly believed that the success of this series of experiential classes will create strong momentum for IABM to spearhead its upcoming plans to gradually complete set missions and long-term goals.

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