08/06 2023

Exploding Emotions in the Closing Ceremony of the School Year 2022-2023 Program for Teachers in Thailand

The school year 2022 – 2023, with numerous breakthroughs in teaching, has brought about remarkable achievements for WASS and PennSchool community. And to attain these accomplishments, we cannot forget the endless efforts of our students, the parents’ trust and companionship, as well as the dedication and hard work of our teachers over the past year.

In sincere gratitude for the tireless contributions of our teachers, PennSchool and WASS faculty recently participated in a team-building trip to Thailand. The trip was not only an opportunity for teachers to meet, exchange ideas, and connect but also a chance to express gratitude for their efforts in providing positive learning experiences that are inspiring and unleashing the potential of our students.

Besides engaging in experiential activities, bonding, and exploring the Land of Golden Temples, the teachers also attended the Gala Night – 20 YEARS TOGETHER, featuring vibrant musical performances by the teachers themselves and emotional sharing sessions by the School Board and Administration.

The highlight of this year’s Gala Night was the recognition of teachers with excellent performance and significant contributions in teaching, professional development, and management coordination during the academic year 2022 – 2023.

The Appreciation and Excellence Awards were respectively presented to 204 teachers of  WASS and 91 teachers of PennSchool who have successfully and outstandingly fulfilled their duties during the academic year.

The Outstanding Performance Award, honoring teachers who have excellently fulfilled their duties in the academic year and have made outstanding contributions and breakthroughs in teaching, professional work, and other activities, was awarded to 8 teachers of WASS and 4 teachers of PennSchool.


Cô Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Linh

Cô Lê Thị Thùy Trang

Cô Phạm Thị Hồng Lê

Thầy Nguyễn Văn Cường

Cô Đỗ Phạm Như Ý

Cô Margarita Marnell Heather

Thầy Nguyễn Kim Thế Vinh

Cô Abucay Coste Marissa


Thầy Joshua Patrick Tenorio

Thầy Randy Dumlao Bareng 

Thầy Nikos Andre Pierre Levan Bernard 

Thầy William Graham Jamieson Samuel

Furthermore, the Outstanding Leadership Award has also been presented to 2 teachers of WASS and 4 teachers of PennSchool for their significant contributions not only in their professional work but also in their management and coordination, along with their leadership.


Cô Dharna Vij

Thầy Alaeddine Charef


Thầy Zine Labidine Messaoudani

Cô Đỗ Thị Thùy Dương

Thầy Vũ Văn Hiệp 

Cô Trần Thị Cẩm Đức

Surpassing four other outstanding candidates, Ms. VO LE PHUC HAU and Mr. FAISST PHILLIP at PennShool, Ms. PHAM HOANG GIA AN and Mr. SEAN PADRAIG MC GRAITH have received the most prestigious award of the Gala Dinner – the “Golden Apple Award”. This award was evaluated and voted upon by the teachers of WASS and PennSchool to honor their positive contributions, achievements, innovative ideas, and relentless efforts in improving the quality and providing the best learning environment for students.

The awards and trophy were given during the Gala Dinner to recognize and uplift the spirits of the teachers for their significant contributions throughout the past academic year, with a total prize value exceeding 640 million VND.

The BODs also bestowed trophies as a token of gratitude to four exceptional members of the leadership team: Ms. Cao Thien Ai Nuong – the Head of School at PennSchool, and Mr. Timothy Nelson – the AP Principal at PennSchool, Ms. Tran Thi To Nhu – Head of School at WASS, Mr. Gustavo Páez – Principal of the International Program at WASS for their substantial role in guiding, leading, and fostering a cohesive RT Holdings community.

In this Team-Building, all teachers had the opportunity to explore Pattaya and Bangkok through many exciting journeys to the Four Regions Floating Market, visit the ancient city of Muang Boran, and take a Chao Phraya River boat ride… This was a chance for them to delve into the unique culture of this hospitable country.

RT Holdings hopes that the trip has brought relaxable and unforgettable experiences, helping the teachers recharge their energy for even more breakthroughs in the upcoming academic year.

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