18/04 2022

Celebrate Easter with color and laughter with WASSers and Eagles

On April 16, WASS and PennSchool celebrated Easter for students with a variety of exciting activities organized throughout the event.

Specifically, the students got involved in an Egg Hunt and unleashed their creativity, decorating Easter eggs and rabbit masks together. Besides that, students were also equipped with fresh knowledge in chemistry while taking part in experiments on eggsperiment and making bath bombs.

As one of the pioneers in providing high-quality educational programs at the international standards, the Indochina Group regularly organizes activities, paying homage to major cultural festivals around the world. To equip students with an understanding of the cultural traditions of countries, thereby helping them develop the ability to adapt to diverse cultures openly, easily becoming exemplary global citizens, providing students with a future where they confidently integrate and demonstrate their capacity in a multinational working environment.

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