25/05 2023

An Unforgettable Graduation Ceremony at WASS and PennSchool

May was the month of unfinished love and nostalgic youth stories, as well as the month of separation and regret. As May passed, it was also the time when students were immersed in the nervous emotions of their childhood as they went to school. When the crimson of phoenix flowers and the sound of cicadas began, it was also time to celebrate the most special moment for students.

The Graduation Ceremony for the academic year 2022 – 2023 at WASS and PennSchool on May 20th and 21st will forever be a beautiful memory not only for WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles, but also for Teachers and Parents – who have always been with them on their journey.

The academic year 2022 – 2023 was a challenging year for all WASS and PennSchool members who made relentless efforts together on the journey of seeking knowledge and pursuing their dreams and aspirations. For the graduates, these achievements were even more remarkable and served as a valuable asset, propelling them forward on the path of conquering higher education. The ceremony also marked another important milestone for the students of Years 5, 9, WA6, WA10, and I8 at WASS and PennSchool as a  perfect preparation before entering their new and challenging grades. But there’s also no shortage of new and interesting things.

Most especially, the recent Graduation Ceremony also marked the end of the colorful and emotional youth journey for Year 12 WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles, opening the most important milestone on their journey of finding knowledge. The 12-year studenthood adventure filled with memories had ended, giving way to new journeys and new experiences on new horizons. Along the way, they have always worked hard, day and night trying to develop themselves in terms of knowledge, skills, and moral values. Bright smiles and diplomas in hand were the worthy results of their efforts and endeavors.

This momentous event was also an opportunity for students at WASS and PennSchool to express their sincere gratitude to their parents, families, and teachers who have always loved, guided, and helped them grow into who they are today.

A new journey with countless new challenges awaits WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles. However, the knowledge and skills they have acquired at WASS and PennSchool will serve as a solid foundation to enable them to pursue and conquer their dreams with confidence.

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