25/12 2022

Merry Christmas with WASSers and Eagles

Christmas is a wonderful moment for students to have fun with friends and reunite with their family. That excitement and warmth came not only from the festive season’s ambiance but also from the feelings and participation of the students in the Christmas Fair series of activities, which took place at each campus from mid-week to the end of December.

With the themes “A December to Remember” at WASS and “Hangout
with Santa Claus” at PennSchool, the students created a memorable and magical Christmas for themselves and the community. Throughout the event, the stalls displayed exquisite handmade products created by the students. In addition, the students were immersed in the festive mood with many unique, engaging Christmas activities. Some of these were wrapping Christmas gifts, making laurel wreaths, going to mini-concerts, and receiving wonderful gifts from Santa Claus.

The students also had the opportunity to share their affection with inderprivileged children across the country by contributing the entire Fair’s proceeds to the “Empower Next Generation” community fund for WASSers and the “Light Up The Future” fund for Eagles. This Christmas season, WASS and PennSchool members have added a warm and memorable element. Teachers and students have put together many fun and meaningful activities that students will remember forever.

Indochina Group and its schools, WASS and PennSchool, are continuously striving to share their love with the community through meaningful events throughout the school year as part of their commitment to educational development. Through kind and helpful actions, WASS and PennSchool
will continue to support and contribute to society’s development in the future.


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