Vị trí



– Coordinate teaching assistants, provide information about materials and classes, school ; teaching rules, and ensure the quality of instruction and learning.
– Observe classes and monitor the quality of teaching and teachers’ behaviors on a regular basis.
– Frequently examine the teachers’ lesson plans, impose suitable disciplinary measures on professionalism if necessary, in order to ensure the quality of teaching and to strictly comply with the school’s rules.
– Organize meetings and professional training sessions on a regular basis to improve the teacher’s specialization and behaviors.
– Coordinate teachers to assist in various events under the direction of the board of principles.
– Receive information about teachers on leave/absent without leave from the HR Department, coordinate with the Board of Principal to arrange a substitute teacher in order to maintain the subject’s progress.
– Supervise, compile and confirm the amount of work from teachers to proceed with the payment process.
– Organize and check the students’ comments on a weekly/termly/semester basis following the regulations on assessment and reporting from the Western Australian State
program, regulations from the MOET and the Baccalaureate programs.
– Manage and perform other administrative tasks related to teachers (approve leave and OT request form as appropriate).
– Perform other tasks based on assignment from the board of directors.
– Devise a plan for recruiting a teaching assistant for the new school year.


– Graduated from a university with a Good degree (or higher) in English, Translation or related majors.
– IELTS: 7.0 or above.
– Have at least 2 years of experience in education.
– Possess strong leadership, coordination and persuasion skills.
– Fluent in verbal and written English.
– Work well under pressure, demonstrate enthusiasm and creativity for the job.
– Possess strong planning ; organization skills.
– Have a desire to learn, and show responsibility for the given
– Demonstrate professionalism and appropriate behaviors in an educational environment.
– Proficient at using basic office applications.
– Passionate about education.

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