24/06 2023

WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles participate in many meaningful and humane activities this April, May and June

K-12 April, May & June News

Along with passionate learning experiences to prepare for the final exam, students at WASS and PennSchool also had many meaningful activities through the series of humanitarian events in April, May and June to raise funds for the Community – Light up the Future towards the special project “Ve nu cuoi Dien Bien”.

The Anti-Bullying Week – Pink Week

WASS and PennSchool campuses were filled with the pink color in the traditional Pink Day to spread meaningful and humane messages about prevention and fight against school violence.

WASS and PennSchool communities together responded to the message of love and “hand-printed” to show the promise of “Stop Bullying”. WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles also participated in learning the meaning of this special day through many activities such as sharing meaningful messages through handwritten cards, participating in seminars and decorating class message boards.

School violence would seriously affect the learning ability and psychology of students. The schools hoped that through the meaningful activities on Pink Day, students would better understand the importance of being kind to people around them, thereby building a safe and healthy learning environment that proactively prevents school violence

More specifically, Pink Day was part of a series of humanistic Spirit Days activities throughout the school year at WASS and PennSchool. Each pink shirt worn by members on this special day will contribute 10,000 VND to the Fundraising for Community – Empower the Next Generation and Light Up The Future to be used for community projects that WASS and PennSchool are implementing.

Meaningful activities on the Pink Day would gradually form personality, sharing, empathy and love among WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles, aiming to bring happiness to themselves and the community.

Exciting Easter activities at WASS and PennSchool

Easter Day, which typically falls in late March or early April, is an important traditional feast in Western culture. Easter Day represents new hopes, the budding, and “revival” of all things in Spring. Colorful eggs and cute rabbits are the most iconic symbols of this traditional festival.

WASS campuses were decorated colorfully with lovely costumes and multicolored eggs on Easter Day. WASSers also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere with many typical activities such as decorating Easter eggs, designing Bunny Boxes, dressing in unique costumes and participating in the funny Bunny Parade.

At the same time, #HomeOfTheEagles participated in team building and camping activities with the theme “Egg-citing Adventure Camp” at Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It created many unique and memorable experiences for each PennSchool member on Easter Day. The “little adventurers” together joined on an exciting Treasure Hunt journey, overcame challenges at each station, collected decorative items in order to decorate Easter eggs and canvas paintings. Colorful eggs, egg baskets and meticulously decorated paintings had created creative and novel works but also have their own unique meanings.

The Easter activities were a great opportunity for WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles to better understand the distinctive cultural practices of Western nations, towards becoming confident and dynamic global citizens who can easily assimilate into the multicultural world.

Monthly Market Fairs – When hearts are united in one beat of love

Throughout the years of establishment and development, WASS and PennSchool have always made efforts to spread love and goodwill with the community. Continuing the journey of spreading the values of “kindness” and “sympathy”, WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles together participated in the meaningful and humane market fairs.

The April and May “One Community Fair” at WASS created a very unique feature with colorful stalls and lovely handmade products of WASSers. The “Northwest Bazaar” fair at PennSchool brought an exciting space for students to discover cultural features and special products of the ethnic communities in the Northern mountainous region.

The money raised during the Fair will be donated to the Fundraising for Community of two schools which will be used for the four special projects including “Knowledge for the Highland Students”, “Digital Tech Replacement – Tech Empowerment for the Highland Students”, “Next Generation Knowledge Collaboration”, and “Bridge of Love” towards unprivileged students and people in Na Co Sa commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province.

Soccer Tournament 2023 – The Derby of Friendship

The internal soccer tournament between WASS and PennSchool was first held on May 15 and 16, with many exciting matches.

The tournament aimed to foster connection, unity, bonding, and a joyful, healthy environment among WASS & PennSchool students, thereby encouraging them to maintain fitness, improve their health, and become well-rounded citizens. Through this tournament, we aimed to stimulate physical training and sports movements by promoting healthy training activities, creating exciting competitions, fostering a spirit of exchange and learning, and enhancing mutual understanding among all students in the Group.

The sweltering summer sun did not seem to reduce the enthusiasm and determination of the players on the field. WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles had together offered all the spectators present at the stadium extremely eye-catching and dramatic matches.

Winning or losing didn’t seem so important anymore when the WASSers and #HomeOfTheEagles were “immersed” in their passion for football, fought for their team in a noble sports spirit, and above all, they were able to exchange, make new friends, and build more beautiful memories of their school days.

Hopefully, the tournament has brought a special and memorable experience for students in the past school year.

Special activities to close the successful school year 2022 – 2023

In the final week of the school year 2022 – 2023, the unique activities at WASS and PennSchool remained extremely exciting.

WASSers experienced diverse, interesting, and helpful activities such as Pajama Day, learning how to pitch a tent and survival skills, decorating cookies, making pottery, and attending the “Emotions – Managing Anger” Talk Show with a psychologist. These series of activities wished to provide students with the most balanced experience between learning and perfecting skills, as well as create conditions for them to build more beautiful memories with their friends and teachers at WASS.

Besides, the final Assembly of the academic year 2022 – 2023 for Preschool – Grade 5 at PennSchool, which took place on May 25th, has brought overwhelming emotions as #HomeOfTheEagles gathered to honor students who achieved remarkable accomplishments and contributions in the past school year. It has also provided an opportunity for #HomeOfTheEagles to look back on the meaningful experiences and activities throughout the year, such as Book Week, Christmas, and House Sport events organized by the House System. These have created beautiful memories and fostered a strong bond among the members of PennSchool community while also providing students with opportunities to demonstrate leadership.

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