16/10 2023

WASS, PENNSCHOOL and SISS students celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival

“Under the starry August sky,
The Mid-Autumn Festival adorns with red lanterns high,
Gathering together, young and old,
Children cheer; their happiness unfolds.”

Every year, students at WASS, PennSchool, and SISS come together to immerse themselves in the warm and festive atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. They engaged in meaningful activities organized by their respective Schools, creating moments of fun and bonding with teachers and friends.

This year, WASS students participated in an extracurricular event at Tan Cang Resort, where they enjoyed a variety of exciting and entertaining traditional folk games. Under the theme “Wonderlands of Adventures Under Sparkling Stars,” they explored the beauty of the long-standing cultural traditions of the festival through diverse activities such as decorating trays with five fruits, breaking the pot game, tasting mooncakes, and watching meaningful films. They also listened to their teachers’ enchanting tales of folklore while dressed up as characters from these stories.

Meanwhile, SISS students headed to the Vietgangz Glamping Club for a day of exciting folk games and fierce competition with their peers. Under the theme “SISS – Under the Moonlight”, they engaged in activities such as lantern parades, conversations with the Moon Lady and the Moon Boy, lion dances, and impressive fashion shows.

With the theme “Autumn Night Moonfest,” PennSchool students were gathered for a captivating magic show by magician Cong Tuan. The lion dance paraded throughout classrooms and created  lively and unforgettable memories for each young student. Additionally, the middle school students were encouraged to express their creativity by making traditional mooncakes, decorating lanterns, exploring local food stalls, and enjoying the theatrical performance “Tet Reunion” directed by Vu Xuan Trang. All of these activities provided the students with warm and memorable experiences with their friends and the PennSchool community.

The meaningful activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival not only helped students relax after their diligent study hours but also provided a fantastic opportunity for students to create unforgettable memories and engage in creative and educational activities. Most importantly, these activities have served as a testament to the commitment of RT Holdings’ associated Schools to nurturing and developing well-rounded students in a high-quality and healthy learning environment.

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