26/10 2022

WASS and PennSchool welcomed the House Sports Festival in the exciting atmosphere

Physical education is an essential subject for all high school students at WASS and PennSchool, no matter what grade they are in. Sports games and physical exercises give students the opportunity and encouragement to form good fitness habits. This, in turn, improves their flexibility, physical fitness, mental health, and team spirit.

On October 25th, WASS and PennSchool hosted the most anticipated sports festival of the year, the House Sports Festival.

At the sporting event, the WASS and PennSchool students brought exciting and “furious” competition to a variety of team sports games such as Football, Tug of war, Basketball, Dumplings, and more. Accompanying the matches were a number of exciting dance performances, further energizing the athletes.

The House Sports Festival presented an opportunity for students to improve their physical fitness, and show their talents, ingenuity and teamwork. It also served as a “bridge” for students in all grades to socialize, increase their team spirit, build a close-knit community, and experience more cherished memories of student life.

After the knockout stages, the final results were announced for each grade. The effort and determination shown by each team member have been marked as one of the most unforgettable moments for this school year, 2022 to 2023.

At the end of the House Sports Festival, the grounds were awash with heartwarming and poignant images of the competitors exchanging hugs and handshakes, celebrating their wins, and lamenting their losses. With that said, winning and losing are never the focus in competitions at WASS and PennSchool. The efforts, perseverance, and will of the students to surpass themselves are what the teachers value the most and strive to instill in them.

We believe that the Festival will inspire the students to keep up with their fitness hobbies, improving their health as well as enhancing various important skills at WASS and PennSchool.


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