11/01 2024

The Warm Christmas Season of #HomeOfTheEagles

In the chilly weather of the last month of the year, the PennSchool community welcomed a warm Christmas season with the theme “Snowflake’s Castle Christmas Fair: Uncover the Magic!” and numerous exciting activities during the Festival and Christmas Fair. PennSchool’s campuses were adorned with sparkling Christmas trees, beautiful flowers, the lovable Olaf, and Santa Claus, creating a fairytale and festive Christmas season.

During the Christmas Festival, the #HomeOfTheEagles together wrote their wishes in letters to Santa Claus and looked forward to him making their dreams come true. Indeed, through their diligence and constant dedication to learning, the students had their wishes fulfilled and received precious gifts. They gathered to watch movies, play games with Santa Claus, and share heartwarming moments. The festive spirit became even warmer as students exchanged gifts and sent good wishes to their friends. This is an opportunity for the #HomeOfTheEagles to capture the fun and adorable moments with teachers and friends in the PennSchool community.

Immersed in the bustle of the Christmas Fair, #HomeOfTheEagles together decorated cookies, made snow globes, and enjoyed special dishes and drinks. Besides, the students also had fun with friends when they cheered for exciting musical performances and participated in quiz games. All proceeds from the Fair, which amount to 115,350,000 VND, will be contributed to the “Light Up the Future” Community Fund to continue sending love to highland people through the total project “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow.”

Not only the activities organized by the School, but #HomeOfTheEagles also enthusiastically responded to Christmas activities within the framework of Spirit Week organized by the Student Council. With two activities, including “Winter Wonderland Wednesday” and “Pyjama Party!,” students expressed themselves through gorgeous white outfits and adorable pyjamas. Members of the Student Council were able to apply their soft skills and knowledge into practice, helping the PennSchool community become more cohesive and positive.

The “Snowflake’s Castle Christmas Fair: Uncover the Magic!” Christmas event left many memorable imprints and heartfelt emotions within the PennSchool family. During the event, the School and students had the opportunity to connect with friends from various countries, raising their voices in Christmas carols and extending compassionate arms to the community.


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