28/11 2023

The Journey to Understand Students’ Potential with “Giving Thanks” Day: Coloring Our Strengths

PennSchool understands that the development of students’ potential not only extends beyond academics but also emphasizes the cultivation of artistic talents. The opportunity to meet, interact, and showcase one’s abilities in the school environment is also a way for students to learn, grow each day, and discover their hidden talents.

In order to provide a playground for students to show their talents this November, PennSchool organized an event to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, combining with the House System’s competitions with the theme “Giving Thanks” Day: Coloring Our Strengths.

The event, organized from November 22 to 24, provided an opportunity for talented #HomeOfTheEagles to officially reveal themselves and demonstrate their skills in various activities such as music, painting, sports, and decorating cakes. Not only confidently registering in multiple activities, but #HomeOfTheEagles also show their talents and gradually conquer the organizing committee with carefully prepared and rehearsed dance performances, creative artworks conveying meaningful messages, and intense sports competitions.

Besides the intense rounds, the event also allowed #HomeOfTheEagles to have an interesting time with friends and teachers through workshops for making bracelets, painting statues, making key chains, and enjoying street animal circuses.

“Giving Thanks” Day: Coloring Our Strengths not only provided an opportunity for students to demonstrate bravery and determination to overcome their comfort zones in order to shine but also served as an occasion for PennSchool to honor talented students in the field of arts.

PennSchool hopes that the challenges in the field of  arts and sports will encourage students’ creativity, spirit and positive energy. In addition, the event also provides an opportunity for them to develop teamwork, time management, leadership, and discipline skills, helping them become confident and dynamic individuals who continue to pursue their passion. These are also the core values that PennSchool, as well as the affiliated schools of RT Holdings, strive for. Since then, we have been prepared to support our talented students to demonstrate their distinctive qualities.

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