17/03 2023

[SISS] Open Day: Touching New South Wales Education – Open a Different Future

The Sydney School System (SISS) officially organized the first Admissions Day with the theme “Touching New South Wales Education – Opening a Different Future”. The event will take place on Saturday, March 25th, 2023, from 08:00–12:00 am at the 272 Convention Center (272 Vo Thi Sau) in Ward 7, District 3, HCM City.

SISS is proud to be the first educational institution in Vietnam to implement a general education program from New South Wales, Australia, that focuses on training in digital technology and liberal arts. SISS is a part of the Western Australian School System (WASS), which has the same goal of providing Vietnamese students with a high-quality education.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is in charge of developing and overseeing the Australian Curriculum Framework in Australia. Based on this instructional framework, each state will make changes to certain core subject areas and other areas that match the state’s priorities and needs.

Technology, particularly digital technology, is a top priority in New South Wales. As a result, technology-related subjects will be prioritized in general education and higher education. Furthermore, Child Protective Education is a top priority of the New South Wales state program. These are all issues that are receiving a lot of attention in today’s world. This orientation is especially important for Vietnamese students at a time when our country is promoting digital technology in all fields while also raising public awareness of children’s issues.

Parents attending the “Open Day: Touching New South Wales Education – Opening a Different Future” Festival will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the New South Wales program with the Board of Directors and to investigate SISS’s curriculum framework, subjects, and extracurricular activities. Parents will be given information about tuition fees for the 2023-2024 school year in particular.

SISS will implement the Integrated Bilingual System Curriculum from Prep to Grade 8 in the coming school year. SISS will introduce a number of preferential policies for students who register early for the school year 2023-2024 at the Festival, including:

Tuition is discounted by 20% for the first year of study.

Tuition fees will be reduced by 15% for the next two academic years.

Free facility fee for 5 years

Participation in the Savings Package is free up to 300 million VND for 12 years of study. Access to the Finance Package is free up to 85% cashback.

Parents can register here or call the hotline at 028 7776 6688 for more information.

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