02/07 2022

“Working with kids was something that came naturally and a career in education became the obvious choice”

Teachers are the ones who play the most important role in nurturing children’s inquisitive minds and preparing them for the challenges of the future. In gratitude for those dedication efforts, Indochina Group awarded the title “Golden Apple” to teachers with outstanding achievements. Based on the collective and the School Administrator nominations, voted by the trust and love of colleagues throughout the Group, we have selected the typical representatives to receive this award.

Indochina Group would like to send congratulations and sincere appreciation to:

  1. Ms. Ngo Thi Tuong Vy – Co-Teacher
  2. Mr. Levan Bernard – Math & Science Teacher
  3. Mr. John Umahag – Art & House Coordinator

Let’s meet and listen to the inspirational sharing from Mr. Levan Bernard!

1. How do you feel when you become one of the typical inspirational people for the education career at Indochina Group?

It came as a surprise and I feel very grateful for that recognition. During the year I really worked hard and was involved in my students’ learning journey. To see that Indochina Group recognized my commitment through this award means a lot to me.

2. During the educational journey, what is the greatest achievement that you have achieved?

My greatest achievement was to successfully transition from online to offline. Making that transition was really challenging but seeing my students in the classroom gave me the inspiration I needed to push through.

3. What is the most pressure thing you have faced as a teacher over these years? How did you overcome them?

Teaching online during the Covid 19 pandemic was very challenging. I had to come up with different activities and creative ways to keep my students interested and engaged. Fortunately, the methods worked.

4. Where did you get inspiration for your chosen education career?

I have volunteered in an orphanage in Vietnam. Working with kids was something that came naturally that I look forward to experiencing, interacting with, and contributing to their growth. A career in education became the obvious choice.

5. From the first days of joining the Group, what goals have you set for yourself in your career?

The goal I set for myself is to become the best teacher I could be. Besides, being able to inspire others and also have a positive impact on students’ learning is what I focus on doing my best.

6. During the two years affected by Covid-19, Education suffered many serious effects. So have you ever felt bewildered? How have you adjusted your teaching method?

I felt lost at the beginning. But I was able to apply some of my techniques to online teaching, This has brought better results than expected. That was a challenge and also a good opportunity that forced me to get out of my comfort zone and create new activities.

7. If you could use 3 words to express your feelings for the “home” Indochina Group, which 3 words would you choose and why?

Support: I received a lot of support during the beginning of the year and even has a new teacher.

Collaboration: We have a great collaboration with other teachers. We try our best to collaborate and exchange on our students’ challenges so that we can adapt our teaching to their needs.

Community: At Pennsylvania school, there is a great community. I have a great relationship with the teaching assistants but also the homeroom teachers and everyone involved in the school.

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