20/11 2022

Indochina Group’s beloved members celebrated Vietnamese Teacher’s Day through Team Building & Gala

With the desire to meet all members of the Group and send gratitude on Vietnam Teacher’s Day, Indochina Group organized a Team Building & Gala activity for all Teachers and Staff, which was held on November 19th, 2022 at Binh Quoi Tourist Village, Ho Chi Minh City.

Binh Quoi Tourist Village welcomed members in beautiful weather with green and airy natural space. The atmosphere was quickly heated up by the enthusiasm of the members in fun games such as volleyball, jumping rope and 4-team tug of war. At the same time, the final round of The Golden Bell Challenge took place full of excitement and thrill. Not only the contestants but also the cheerleaders were also excited to answer each question, “challenge” their own understanding of the Group overview. The champion quickly found a worthy owner, that is Ms. Ho Thi Thanh Thao — Junior teacher from 43 Nguyen Thong campus.

The Gala party took place in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. With a buffet menu of more than 70 dishes selected from the Southern River regions, attractive and full of Vietnamese flavor, it has brought an interesting culinary experience to members, especially foreign teachers.

After the congratulations and gratitude from the Board of Directors, the Gala stage was “fired” by the impressive musical performances from the teachers
at all campuses. The teachers “caught the trend” very quickly and practiced hard to create creative and youthful performances such as the mashup performance “Hello Vietnam” and “60 years of life” from 4 Nguyen Thong campus, dance performance “Welcoming the sun” from 84 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan campus,…

At the end of the trip, each member certainly kept many memorable moments and had wonderful memories with close colleagues. The spirit of solidarity among the members added to the cohesion, the positive energy is regenerated so that the Group can continue to walk together on the journey of building knowledge for generations of learners.


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