28/11 2023

Filled with Meaningful Moments at the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day Appreciation Party on November 20, “Once Upon a Time”

On the evening of November 20, at Adora Luxury Restaurant, 198 Hoang Van Thu Street, RT Holdings hosted a warm and meaningful party to express gratitude to teachers on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. The event was not only an uplifting gift to teachers but also a profound expression of gratitude from the RT Holdings Board of Directors for the tireless efforts and dedication of the teachers and staff of the Group.

With the theme “Once Upon a Time,” the teachers stepped into a captivating fairytale world, each adorned in the most elegant and dazzling costumes, from handsome princes and graceful princesses to powerful characters, everyone embodied the enchanting spirit that radiated magical power throughout the “RT Holdings Fairytale Garden.”

The joy of the teachers was further increased when the winners of the enticing awards in the “Talented Teachers” competition were officially announced. This serves as recognition for the positive contributions of the teachers in innovating teaching methods to provide students with effective and dynamic lessons.

In addition, the teachers not only transformed into characters from the enchanting world of fairy tales and colorful animated worlds but also enjoyed outstanding artistic performances and various engaging activities. Particularly in the King and Queen competition, the teachers showcased great confidence and delivered highly impressive fashion presentations.

Through the appreciation night, the Group hopes that these meaningful emotional gifts will provide additional motivation for members to continue nurturing knowledge on the journey of “cultivating intellectuals.” RT Holdings sincerely expresses gratitude to teachers, educators, and staff working in the education sector. The significant companionship of esteemed teachers is always a tremendous source of motivation, helping RT Holdings thrive on its journey toward the vast sea.

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