27/09 2023

A loving gift sent to RT Holdings members during the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion

The Full Moon Festival in the 8th lunar month every year is an occasion when family members reunite, share memories and talk about all aspects of life with each other. The cheerful atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival excites  children, who eagerly invite their friends to enjoy the moonlit night. Temporarily putting aside the worries of everyday life, the Mid-Autumn Festival brings a warm atmosphere, wishes and, at the same time, carries the meaning of Tet reunion.

At RT Holdings, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the special occasions for us to send gifts to show our gratitude and care for our beloved members – who have devoted their whole heart and energy to the path of creating strong value for the Group.

We wish to present the most loving and dedicated gifts to express our sincerity and gratitude to the RT Holdings families. Each gift carries special meanings, symbolizing a connection that creates understanding and moments filled with joy between members. At the same time, there are wishes of peace from the Company Leaders to all teachers and staff for a successful work journey and a full, bright, and fulfilling life as the moon at dawn.

We believe that every gift given to employees this Mid-Autumn Festival will bring moments of pure happiness. Special moments in life will become more wonderful than ever when we give each other sincere feelings. We would like to wish all teachers and staff a Mid-Autumn Festival filled with joy, happiness, and many memorable moments with family and loved ones.

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