03/02 2024

A fantastic Year-End Party filled with enthusiastic spirits from the RT Holdings family

In the final days of the year, as families busily prepared for the Tet holiday, everyone’s mood became one of excitement, brimming with hope for a new year filled with joy and good fortune. At the beloved RT Holdings home, the members were also filled with those emotions, both excited by the bustling atmosphere of the Tet holiday and nostalgically recalling the journey they had shared. Most importantly, all of the members have the opportunity to meet at a cozy year-end party under the theme “Cheers to the New Beginning” to share the brilliant achievements achieved in 2023.

At the event, teachers adorned themselves in eye-catching outfits, ranging from graceful traditional Ao Dai to bright red and yellow outfits, enhancing the lively atmosphere of the party. Particularly, the meticulous and delectable dishes prepared by the Organization Committee satisfied the taste buds of all attendees.

The highlight of the program is the Lottery Game imbued with traditional Vietnamese Tet culture. The atmosphere in the entire venue seemed to burst as everyone eagerly anticipated the performer to begin and aspired to be the lucky winners to receive attractive prizes. Furthermore, the teachers truly resemble artists as they show off their talents through extremely unique performances, from beautiful dance performances to lyrical, profound songs.

The “Cheers to the New Beginning” party exuded warmth and joy, reflecting the spirit of RT Holdings, a family that is one. Through this, the Group sought to convey the message that “Every new beginning brings promising opportunities. As long as we stand united, we will create vibrant spring days on the journey to conquer new heights.”

RT Holdings would like to send our sincerest and deepest thanks to the members for their devoted commitment and unyielding creative efforts to achieve our common goals. The Group is pleased to see all members are connected and devoted to bringing many valuable values to RT Holdings in general and its affiliated units in particular, contributing to its success and rapid development in 2023. The old year has passed with many difficulties and challenges. A long journey has ended, and a new door has opened. A new journey filled with ambition and desire awaits us in 2024—the Year of the Dragon. Hopefully the RT Holdings flame will always burn brightly so we can continue to accompany each other with 100% spirit, strength, and enthusiasm on the path toward achieving great things.

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