21/11 2021

IEDG Strategy Day: A bold step towards IEDG’s future

On November 19th, Indochina Education and Development Group celebrated a very momentous milestone, which was the IEDG Strategy Day, marking a bold step after nearly two decades of construction, creation, and develop-ment. This is the most important IEDG event in 2021, with the theme “IEDG Expanded Education for Global Integration”. As the name indicates, the event is intended to introduce all system members to IEDG’s new strategies in the near future with the ultimate objective of achieving the aspiration of rapid, strong and widespread integration with global education.

At the event, IEDG members were able to see official photos of the group’s new brand identity and listen to passionate testimony of upcoming strategic campaigns from the “captain” of IEDG. With the EaaS (Education-as-a-Service) model and the objective of growing educational collaboration, new tactics in educational activities will be developed in the future to fulfill different learning requirements of learners of all ages. IEDG is making significant global strides by expanding educational cooperation with reputable units worldwide and promoting education investment operations in important markets such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. IEDG is on the path to become a global educational investment organization.

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