24/11 2023

Entrepreneur Competition 2023 – A Gateway for Future Talented Entrepreneurs

Western Australian International School System (WASS) organized the Entrepreneur Competition 2023 with the theme “Greenovation Biz” for High School students from October 19 to November 7.

The competition aimed to create a valuable opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the business field, thereby promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and helping students put their knowledge into practice. Through real-life business activities, students will better understand business processes, such as product design, advertising, sales, financial management, and customer interaction. In addition, the competition also opens up opportunities for students to become more connected, improve their ability to cooperate and work in groups, and other essential skills.

In Phase 1 of the competition, the students planned and presented their rigorous, creative, and groundbreaking business ideas. From there, the Board of Principals provided comments and suggestions for students to adjust their business strategies to suit the actual situation before moving on to the implementation part in Phase 2.

After the preparation, on November 7, 2023, talented “entrepreneurs” at WASS executed their plans on Entrepreneur Day. Colorful booths, diverse products, and environmental protection messages were presented by WASSers during the first startup festival at WASS, creating an extremely vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Particularly, the funds raised on Entrepreneur Day, total amount of 77,865,000 VND, were donated to the Fundraising for Community – Empower the Next Generation – so that our “WASS family” could continue the journey of sharing and giving love to unprivileged people through the “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow” Project in the academic year 2023 – 2024.

The Entrepreneur Competition was not only an added source of essential knowledge and skills for students in the field of business but also an opportunity for the WASS community to convey profound and meaningful humanistic messages concerning the environment and spread the value of compassion, generosity, and sympathy throughout the community.

The School’s competition opens up new challenges and opportunities to help students improve their knowledge, skills and practical experiences beyond books. RT Holdings believes that diverse academic competitions within the affiliated Schools are an important premise, contributing to creating a balanced and comprehensive development pathway for future generations.


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