28/11 2023

Crafting Signature Cocktail Workshop – Open Up a Connecting Hub for Cocktail Enthusiasts

In November, AmCollege held a series of crafting drink sessions with the workshop “Crafting Signature Cocktail.” The event attracted cocktail enthusiasts and young people who were interested in the bartending career.

Hosted on the 11th and 18th of November, the workshops were led by 2 excellent teachers of Bartender class: Mr. Bao Nguyen Cao and Mr. Nhat Quang Chau, who shared some of their exclusive cocktail recipes with the participants.

Named “Saigon Sunrise” and “Winter Festival,” these recipes had a comparable fruity and refreshing taste that easily captivated participants of all ages. However, these recipes still differ in taste and style, enough to bring unique experiences to each workshop.

Just as expected, both workshop sessions attracted numerous participants, receiving lots of positive feedback. Most of them were students at vocational schools, wanting to get more practical experience aside from theory-based training programs. On top of that, the events also welcomed some special guests.

Mr. Uy Minh Pham, a nutrition doctor, is one of the regular participants at AmCollege’s workshop. At first, Mr. Minh attended the sessions with the aim of supplementing his knowledge to serve his job. After some experience, Mr. Minh began to grow fond of the bartending field as well as making creative drinks. Since then, he has managed his time to avoid missing any of AmCollege’s workshops.

Mrs. Ngoc Hiep Tran Thi attended the workshop along with her daughter in order to help her find a part-time job while studying abroad. At the event, Mrs. Hiep was introduced to the bartending career and even experienced crafting a cocktail, which she enjoyed a lot.

“The recipe is quite simple to follow, the ingredients were easy to find so I can recreate it at home to enjoy with my family. The teachers were friendly, their explanations easy to understand, and they were so dedicated when providing instructions that it only took me 2 hours to remember the recipe”, said Mrs. Hiep.

After finding a new hobby in life, Mrs. Hiep decided to register for the Basic Bartender Course. Like Mrs. Hiep, many participants also registered for the training courses atAmCollege after a satisfying experience at the previous workshop.

The success of the workshop events indicated that the demand for practical experience is rather significant in the community. This is one of the factors that RT Holdings effectively deployed in organizing a training program focusing on hands-on learning and creativity at AmCollege.

Over a decade of development, AmCollege has been constantly improving the quality of its education, achieving the reputation of the pioneering and prestigious vocational college in HCMC.

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