01/09 2022

The outstanding achievements of our WASSers and Eagles at the SEA Olympiad 2022

The past school year 2022 – 2023 marked the achievement of many important milestones on the journey of self-growth and the search for knowledge of the students of WASS and PennSchool alike. In addition to their remarkable academic achievements in school, our students once again affirm their abilities in both national and international competitions.

Most recently, the students of Indochina Group proudly triumphed at the National Round of the SEA Olympiad 2022 with numerous excellent achievements. Overcoming thousands of “heavyweight rivals” across the nation, WASSers brought home:
• 03 Diamond Awards
• 15 Gold Awards
• 21 Silver Awards
• 58 Bronze Awards
• 33 Honorable Awards

Be confident and filled with unwavering bravery, the Eagles deserved to be recognized for winning the following prestigious awards:
• 04 Diamond Awards
• 07 Gold Awards
• 11 Silver Awards
• 33 Bronze Awards
• 46 Honorable Awards

With these accomplishments under their belts, our students will join the group of representatives from Vietnam to participate in the International Round of SEA Olympiad, which is expected to be held in December. SEA Olympiad is an international competition in Mathematics, Science, and English for students in Southeast Asia, organized by the Global League of Winners.

These achievements are the fruits of great effort and self-confidence by our students in the face of difficult ordeals and challenges in the competition. This will also serve as a memorable experience for our students and the pride of all of us at the Indochina Group.

Together, all our teachers at WASS and PennSchool play an imperative role in these accomplishments. Through the academic programs that fall in line with many international standards, along with all the unshakable dedication and stellar competency, our teachers have been nourishing these outstanding generations of students at both WASS and PennSchool.

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